Demonstration of One-2-One Active HTML Export


Templates to produce this output are provided in the One-2-One installation directory in a sub folder named ACSWebDemo. These may be customised to suit local requirements.


Clicking on terms in the tree list to the left will display the classification elements of that term.

Pressing a + symbol, to the left of a term, will expand the term display to show the associated narrower terms.

Pressing a - symbol, to the left of a term will contract that term display and hide the narrower terms.


Search by typing a term in the Search entry box then pressing the Go button. All terms corresponding to the search will then be displayed in this pane. Clicking on a found term will display its detail.

Multiple words, or parts of words may be located by typing them into the search box, separated by a space character, then pressing Go.

Phrases may be located by typing the phrase enclosed between " characters.

Whole words only may be located by typing the word enclosed between " characters.

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