Integration Overview

121 - Records Management Interchange and Integration Options

For EDRMS term and disposal data interchange 121 provides 2 methods to exchange term and disposal data with EDRMS systems. Interchange files from standalone mode, using an Access database for data storage, or via the optional EDRMS integration to a supported EDRMS system. EDRMS Integration is a true integration as it provides for viewing and immediate updating of data with the EDRMS system.

Non-EDRMS Integration installations
Interchanges data with most popular record management systems, via formatted ASCII transfer files using by the records management import/export modules on the Export / RM ASCII menu. These modules use format specifications, defined by the particular record management vendors, and may also include the capability to interchange Retention and Disposal information if that capability is defined by the vendor. The limitations and inconvenience of using these files, such as inability to interchange deletion and renaming changes, is completely overcome though by the 121 EDRMS Integration option.

EDRMS Integration optioned installations
EDRMS Integration is an available option for the supported vendors shown below. Provides the interchange transfer file capability as immediate integrated transfer of changes to terms and disposal data directly from the 121 screen into the chosen supported EDRMS system, via the API or SDK, for that system. The Direct Connect integration option provides true term and disposal data integration, because system verified changes are made immediately into the EDRMS system, as distinct from the delayed and possibly limited process of interchange. An overview of Direct Connect capabilities for each supported EDRMS vendor may be seen by clicking on one of the buttons below.

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Click on the image for more information about HP Trim / HP RM8 / ECM 9 integration

How safe is EDRMS Integration? Some clients have asked if 121 EDRMS Integration “might potentially corrupt their EDRMS database?” The answer, borne out by over 14 years of use by a large number of users, is NO, it is quite safe. 121 only ever uses the API/SDK facilities of vendor products. It never makes direct access to the actual underlying database used by the EDRMS system. An API/SDK is a connection interface, developed by the vendor, providing safe mechanisms to read and write data to the database. Any potential dangerous requests are blocked by this interface thus ensuring the integrity of the EDRMS database is always protected.